Musings of a working Mom

My kids – without a question the biggest thing that makes me happy. Looking at them, hugging them, when they fall asleep on me, even just thinking about them.

Music – getting totally carried away by a song. I can’t imagine life without music.

Good food and take-aways. I love it when we decide we’re not going to cook today, let’s just get take-aways. Probably because it doesn’t happen often. And cooking something new that turns out really nice.

Hikes – I’m get tired quickly, and complain a lot, but it makes me very happy as well.

When I drive home and the traffic is clear. I drive 170km’s a day, so traffic is a very big part of my life.



Comments on: "Day 3: What makes you happy – March Blog Challenge" (1)

  1. I loved your list! I wish we had some good delivery type food around where I live, but alas, only pizza and really terrible Chinese food. Thanks for sharing!

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