Musings of a working Mom

Day 8: Pet Peeves

My biggest pet peeve would have to be inconsiderate people on the road. Specifically when the traffic is at a standstill and someone decides they are special and go into the emergency lane and push in front. If you really had an emergency I would understand, but it’s always the BMW and 4×4 drivers that push in. I was once sitting in traffic and watched 70 cars push in front.

Another one which I’m not sure is a pet peeve or just contempt that I feel for these people is when people ride with their kids/babies not in car seats and not buckled up. Car seats are the ideal, but I do understand that some people can’t afford it. Then at least buckle them up. I’ve even seen people driving with babies on their laps.

An honourable mention must also go to people that talk to themselves. No problem if you do that at your own home, but don’t talk to yourself in the office. I don’t have great hearing (years of damage from loud clubs, live music and walkmans/ipods), so I never know if you’ve been talking to me.

Now I seem to be on a roll – vague Facebook statuses or tweets. Just a random example “I am so stressed for tomorrow” and if you ask what happens tomorrow they reply “I can’t say”. If you can’t say, don’t put the status up in the first place. Just learned it has a name. It’s called Vaguebooking

Telemarketing calls – if that is your job I feel very sorry for you.

People who think they are considerate smokers, but they really aren’t.

Text speak – I don’t mind LOL or ROTFL, but don’t send me a message that takes me 10 minutes to decipher.

When you send an email with a few questions, and you receive a reply answering the first question, but ignoring the rest

Think I better stop now, but it was good getting that off my chest



Comments on: "Day 8: Pet Peeves" (5)

  1. cristys18 said:

    Your peeves are my peeves. I can’t stand the it when people think their time is more important than my own, so they try to push ahead of everyone. And kids not being buckled, I wish I were a cop so I could arrest some people for child endangerment. There are organizations that will give free car seats (usually through the police department) if someone can’t afford one. And the only text speak I use is “lol”. Other than that, I type everything out.

  2. prettyopinionated said:

    LOL at the vague Facebook statuses, I totally agree! People who do that are screaming “beg me to tell you so I can get more attention.” It’s like the have some sort of Social Media Munchhausen Syndrome!

  3. Oh you have me rolling on the floor: (notice, I spelled it out) In my state it is the LAW to have babies and kids in car seat but I safely raised kids in the days before car seats were invented. And I grew up in a family where there were more kids than there were seats, so some of us sat on the floor boards of the car when the whole family went out. I loved you peeve about Facebook statuses…right on!

  4. In the last year we’ve had three babies, THREE BABIES, ejected from vehicles in accidents due to not being in a car seat or even buckled. I don’t know what is going on around my town, but it had to stop. I think the parents should be charged with negligent homicide.

    And as for text speak, don’t even get me started. I seriously worry about our children.

  5. VagueBooking…LOVE IT> People do this on twitter too which is also annoying. I wonder what they call it for Twitter?
    The baby thing too, I hate that. Customers come through our drive thru (at Starbucks) and we see this all too often. Horrible!

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