Musings of a working Mom

I made a bucket list a long time ago, with mostly action/adventure type things on. After becoming a Mom I realised that is not such a high priority for me anymore, so I’ll have to make a new list.

One item that is a big item on there, and something that I want to achieve before I turn 40 is climbing Kilimanjaro. I have started by going on a hike that lasted 4 days as preparation and to see if I liked it and I absolutely loved it. My husband thought the hike would ‘cure’ me of wanting to climb Kilimanjaro, but after the hike he is keen as well.

I want to go to Egypt and visit Machu Picchu.

I want to learn to speak German.

I want to become an expert in making pastries. I love pastries.

Go on a road trip in America (Route 66?)

I know there are more items but that is the only things I can think of now. Think I’ll update this list as I think of more things.

There is a guy called Joel Runyon which has what he calls an Impossible list as in ‘Do the Impossible’. He is very inspirational and I would urge everyone to have a look at his Blog


Comments on: "Day 9: What’s on your life list/bucket list – March Blog Challenge" (2)

  1. cristys18 said:

    We are fortunate enough to have Route 66 run through my state (Oklahoma). One spring break, my daughter and I drove it and got some awesome pictures. There is a blue whale in Catoosa that is awesome. The giant Pop bottle outside of the restaurant Pops is really pretty at night to see. The diner that inspired Sally for the movie Cars is also here. My daughter’s dream is to travel Rte. 66 from where here to Chicago.

  2. Route 66 sounds like fun. A good old road trip would be so much fun. I’d wait till both my kids were a little older though.

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