Musings of a working Mom

There are some choices that I made that immediately comes to mind that I would go and do, as well as things that I wouldn’t do, but all those things would lead me to not have my kids that I have, and I would not want a life without them.

Then I thought if I could go back to just before my brother died (he got sick with what they thought were a reasonably minor illness, but died of cancer 2 months later), and wish that I could go back and talk more, but even while he was dying I was sitting next to him, and knew I would regret not saying something more important, but I just couldn’t think of something. And even if I now try and think of something to say I can’t.

I thought of quite a few regrets now, and as I typed it out I deleted all of them, because it really keeps me stuck in the past, and I want to move on from that.



Comments on: "Day 13: Do you have regret? – March Blog Challenge" (3)

  1. Laura Greene said:

    There really is no point in going backwards, is there? I’m sorry to hear about your brother.

  2. I don’t like living in the past either. What is done is done!

  3. That’s heartbreaking about your brother, and I’m truly sorry for your loss. Sometimes, there doesn’t have to be words, because just BEING there is enough. I imagine your brother was less worried about WHAT you said than he was happy about the fact that you were there by his side. 🙂

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