Musings of a working Mom

On holiday…anywhere, with husband and the kids. Far away from any worries or the daily grind.

I also love Saturday or Sunday mornings when we’re all lying in one bed and we don’t have to be anywhere. The kids can usually just lie still for 20 seconds, but they’re so cute jumping around us and climbing everywhere.

Then another place where I was incredibly happy was this beach in Cape Town. I stayed in Cape Town as a student, but only for a year and a half.




Comments on: "Day 18: Where are you happiest? – March Blog Challenge" (5)

  1. Oh wow, lovely picture! I agree that snuggling with the little ones, especially on Saturdays & Sundays, is a GREAT experience! Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday, right? My favorite trip of all time was to Phuckett, Thailand {Phi Phi Island}. It was the most beautiful beach I’d ever seen. Of course I hear that Scottland and Ireland are must sees too, so they’re also on the list.

  2. Laura Greene said:

    Vacations are just bliss, aren’t they?

  3. Vacations are always happy times for me too. It’s nice to escape and see new places!

  4. Isn’t Cape Town amazing! xx

  5. benbidder said:

    Oh yes, vacations…I love them. I can’t wait for our next one. It’s been way too long!!

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