Musings of a working Mom

Memories and dust.

Doesn’t that sound like the start to a poem? (Googled it now, and discovered it’s the name of a song by
Josh Pyke). I love keeping little items that have sentimental value. Concert tickets or a popped
champagne cork from a special event. I also haven’t been able to throw away any of the pictures that my
eldest made at school. I’ve given some away to family members, but have stacks left.

Dust because I loathe cleaning. I think there are ten thousand better things to do than cleaning.

As a kid I used to collect many things. I once told my Dad I want to be a collector of collections. I had flags from holiday destinations, stickers, special edition Coke cans, stamps, rocks and I’m sure there were more. Most of those are packed away in boxes somewhere.


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