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Road Rage

This past weekend we were driving to go and do our weekly shopping. In the car was me (driving), husband and our 2 kids, 5 and 2 years old. Just after leaving there was a guy with his indicator on, waiting to turn into a small shopping centre. I started passing him on the left hand side when he decided he didn’t want to turn anymore, but rather continue straight. He didn’t see me, so I hooted at him because he almost drove into me, and I also braked to avoid an accident. The hooting just set him off. He started showed zap signs, and kept on braking in front of me. Husband was livid and was screaming at the guy so I was trying to get him calm as well. Then the guy pulled over and let me pass, and husband wanted to get out of the car to fight with him, but there is no way that I would’ve stopped then, because that would’ve just been trouble. But, the guy kept on following us. He didn’t drive aggresively any longer, and no signs, but he stayed behind us for about 5 km’s. Then there was a spot where the road doubled and he pulled in next to us. Husband opened his window, ready to scream at him, but then the guy actually just said he wanted to apologise, and he turned around and left. I was very, very suprised by an apology. Through the whole ordeal the kids didn’t make a sound, also not after the apology. Then when we got to the shop the 5 year old jump out of the car, almost in tears, and she said we have to run inside because the bad man is coming to get us. It broke my heart

I’ve seen a few road rage incidents that had people fist fighting, and it’s just horrible.

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  1. And that isn’t even the worst of it. I’m glad it worked out alright.

    One of my co-workers told me that the last time she tailgated someone was quite some time ago and she had a kid in the car. As she passed him, she saw that he had a gun pointed at her.

    Its a dangerous and scary world we live in.

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