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Butterfly Pocket Files

Recently I received a wonderful gift pact from Butterfly Products. It contained the range of Pocket Files (the binded plastic sleeves that we all used at school to put projects in) as well as a gorgeous Barbie activity pack for Andrea and a Mickey Mouse activity pack for Arno. I was embarrassed to realise that even though we have a house full of colouring books this was Arno’s first colouring book that was just for him, and he loved it. Kept on asking for “Arno se boekie”.

Butterfly Pocket Files

Butterfly Pocket Files

Activity Pack

Andrea with her Activity Pack

Back to the Pocket Files. I am VERY disorganised…which is quite evident when you see the stacks of paper I have lying around. Like you have the hoarder programs on TV you can put me on a paper hoarder show. I don’t have the heart to throw any of the kids artwork out, which is a serious problem as they each come home with about 10 pictures a week. Then I also love keeping magazines. When I finally decide to get rid of some magazines I’ll tear out all the recipes and exercise programs and anything else that looks interesting…which of course becomes a new stack of papers. These pocket files are perfect for all these.

Paper Stack

Paper Stack before the Pocket Files

This weekend me and Andrea started putting her and Arno’s pictures into the files. The plastic is clear and great quality. It works so well with their pictures because they often have things stuck on like leaves, rice, seeds etc. These eventually come loose so in the pocket files it can’t make a mess everywhere.

File Done

Pictures in the Pocket File

This also makes it so much better to view their artwork. Nobody wants to go through a stack of papers in a box. And it made me discover a big oversight on my part. I kept their pictures, but never dated any of them, so I can’t remember which were made when Andrea was 2 or 3 or 4.

Andrea Reading

Andrea paging through their art

Next I want to tackle the recipe cupboard and magazine clippings. These are also perfect for all those important documents like birth certificates, marriage certificate etc.

Now on the best part. You can win your own set of Pocket Files. All you have to do is like Butterfly Products on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter. Then leave me a comment telling your favourite product from their website. Entries close 3 November 2013.


This past weekend both kids went for swimming lessons for the first time. Andrea used to be very comfortable in the pool, but last year she fell into a pool and since then it’s been difficult for her to just sit on the steps. We thought she would get over the fear, but it seemed to get worse. Arno is the exact opposite. He would just jump in, go under water and when somebody takes him out he’ll just jump in again. I’m so scared of the day that there is no one around when he jumps in.

So Saturday we went to Mony’s Fishers in Constantia Kloof. Andrea was so nervous she insisted Arno must go first. They both got one on one training from the same teacher. Arno was not impressed with a strange lady taking him, but he didn’t cry. She started with throwing plastic toys in the water and then they’ll swim together to go and fetch it. He had this ‘why am I doing this’ look. But then they moved on to plastic balls which got his interest, and soon he was very relaxed in the water. When his lesson was finished he was screaming that he wanted to go back into the pool.



Andrea was the big surprise. I waited for the hysterics or the refusal to go into the water. She got in and within a few minutes she was swimming on her own for short distances. She went underwater (something she’s never done before) and came up again without any problems.  And she loved it. She can’t wait to go again next week.


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