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Day 27: List 3 online friends you’ve never met in real life but hope to soon – March Blog Challenge

First some other news. My beautiful girl is 5 years old today.


On the one hand I can’t believe she is so big but on the other hand I can barely remember life without her. We had a bit of a disaster the morning. I made a lot of Little Mermaid cupcakes last night after work. There are 30 kids in her class, so I had to bake two batches. I’m no baker, so it took me ages to make. Husband dropped the kids and cupcakes and chips off at school…in the case of the cupcakes, literary. The cupcakes were in 3 containers, and then he dropped one of the containers, destroying those. He still took the other 2 containers to school. I’m now just hoping some of the kids are not in today, because otherwise some of them will be without cupcakes. There were extra cupcakes at home, but it was too much for husband to put them on his bike and drop them off. He is now refusing to take anything to school again, so with child 2’s birthday I’m taking leave to take snacks to school.

RIP cupcakes


Back to the topic. I don’t really want to meet any online friend in real life. I sometimes think it would be nice to meet someone whose tweets or blogs I’ve been reading, but a meeting would probably just be awkward. There is one forum I’ve been a member of for about 10 years. It is a forum that started from Morbid Fact du Jour where people were discussing the daily facts and sharing other interesting news articles. It evolved into just sharing anything. I think it would be nice to get together as a group, but I’m in South Africa and all the other are various places in America and Canada.

You all know that exercise where they ask you who you would invite if you could invite 10 people to dinner. I always put Zelda le Grange as one of the people I would invite. You might not know who she is, but for a long time she was the personal assistant of Nelson Mandela. She must’ve had such an incredible life working with him, and must have amazing stories to tell. I now follow her on Twitter so I’ll add her for today. The problem with this is I know her, but she doesn’t know me at all.

Then another person from Twitter that I follow but they don’t know me at all is Bouwer Bosch. He is a musician, solo artist as well as lead singer of Straatligkinders and in the group Dans Dans Lisa. I love his sense of humour, and he just looks like a nice guy.


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