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7: What’s your dream job? March Blog Challenge

Oooh, I wish I knew the answer to that one. When I was at school everyone was always talking about what they wanted to be one day, and mine changed all the time. When the time came when we had to apply at University we did some tests at the Guidance Councillors class. I was so excited to see my results because it might give me an idea of what I wanted to do. The results came and it said….I could be anything I wanted to be. I was starting to get worried so my parents to me to a psychologist that specialised in career guidance. I told him about my previous results and he agreed that it was ridiculous. I spent a full day with him doing various verbal and written tests, and a week later I got a printed document which basically said….I could be anything I wanted. All the different directions came out equal because I had interests all over. He at least listed different careers that I could think about. I ended up applying for a wide range of directions at University/Technikons and ended up choosing one where I got a bursary (cartography). In my last year of studying I started studying IT as well, but at least I finished both.

So I’m working now as a software developer in a GIS environment but I still sometimes wonder if my dream job isn’t out there somewhere. Some days I’ll think about how amazing it must be to work with Orangutans in Borneo, or being a photographer, or a research scientist, or a chef, or as a CSI (no not like on TV, but the boring real life CSI), or delivering babies, or being a neurosurgeon….hey I told you I had wide interests.


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