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Day 25: Describe your location – March Blog Challenge

Firstly, I’m in South Africa. There are lots of problems here, but I really love the country, and can’t imagine living somewhere else.

I’ll describe my home and office locations. My office location is on the outskirts of Pretoria. Our office used to be a house on a plot that was converted into offices. In the office itself I’m surrounded by computers and people who rarely speak, just typing and clicking away. They usually only talk on smoke breaks, and I don’t smoke. What is nice is if I take a break or make a personal call I can go outside and I’m surrounded by trees and birds singing. If I feel like talking to someone I go to one of the other departments (different parts of the house), because they are more talkative than the IT people.

Home is in Johannesburg. Interesting fact about Johannesburg, it is the biggest man made forest in the world and has over 10 million trees, even though it is a big city. Our house is on a big property in a quiet suburb of Johannesburg. Here is an aerial photo of where I stay.



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