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Day 21: What’s your biggest fear? March Blog Challenge

By far my biggest fear is that anything would happen to my kids. I don’t even want to think about it, and the news is always so full of horrible things that happen that I’m grateful every day that we are all safe.

And another fear, that is very irrational…moths. I have mottephobia. I’ve gotten better, because I try not to freak out over them when the kids are around, but that is not always successful. When any moth use to come into the house I’d scream like crazy, run to the closest room and lock myself into it until husband got rid of the thing. Nowadays I only do it with the bigger moths. And when the smaller ones start flying into me. Just thinking about it and I feel like I can’t breathe. I had such a bad experience one night. I was giving the youngest a bath. He was only about 2 or 3 months old, so couldn’t sit upright yet. I heard something that sounded like a bird hitting the window. I looked up and it hit again and again. I realised it was an enormous moth, and it was slowly making its way to the open window. If I jumped quickly I could close the window before it could get in, but I couldn’t leave the baby in the water. I watched as it came in and it was flying all over in the bathroom. I was crouching on the floor next to the bath, holding the baby in the bath screaming at my husband to come and help. I was too scared to just take the baby out and to his room. I am laughing now thinking back at the scene.

Here’s some pictures of some moths we had in our house. They are not the biggest we’ve had, but these ones had red glowing eyes, and if you sprayed them with insect killer they made a screaming noise.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 31-day-blog-challenge-march-2013-ad

Day 18: Where are you happiest? – March Blog Challenge

On holiday…anywhere, with husband and the kids. Far away from any worries or the daily grind.

I also love Saturday or Sunday mornings when we’re all lying in one bed and we don’t have to be anywhere. The kids can usually just lie still for 20 seconds, but they’re so cute jumping around us and climbing everywhere.

Then another place where I was incredibly happy was this beach in Cape Town. I stayed in Cape Town as a student, but only for a year and a half.



A day at the theatre

During the December holidays I was looking for something to do with A1 (4 years old) where we could have an outing just the two of us. A bit of girl bonding. For months before that she’s been telling me for her next birthday she wants a mermaid party, and then I saw that The Little Mermaid was showing at The People’s Theatre in Johannesburg.

It is a very small theatre, perfect for the kids. She was a bit nervous before the start, not sure what to expect, but from the start of the show she was absolutely mesmerized, mouth open, and staring with big eyes at what’s going on. It is also interactive with them e.g asking the kids where Arial is hiding etc. The acting was great, and the singing wonderful. I was laughing and singing with through the show. A1 believed everything was real, and recently we saw a lady at a shop with long red hair and A1 almost had a heart attack, telling everyone that is Ariel over there.

Here is a picture of Ariel, played by the beautiful Alexandra Snyman (Picture from

It is an ideal outing for kids of all ages, there were even a few babies in the audience.

I signed her up for the kid’s club, which means you get reduced ticket prices, the show closest to the kid’s birthday is free, and on the birthday show they get to go on stage and get a gift. It is difficult to find better value for your money.

The next production (March – April) is Sleeping Beauty, and I can’t wait to take her again for a girls day out. For more details and bookings go to

Sport and your kid

I22 (Small)


Always interesting for me to see how parents compare with their children when it comes to sport.

I never did any sport at school. I was in a very big school in Joburg, and quickly realised if you’re not very good you don’t get chosen anyway, so when we had compulsory sport I use to bunk. I did do ballet and tennis privately though, but not for very long.

My husband on the other hand took part in almost everything (and excelled in it). Different athletics items, swimming, rugby etc. Broke records and got colours in sport.

So now I’m watching how the kids are going to turn out. We are encouraging our daughter to take part in sport, and with their athletics I went ‘running’ with her so that she can see what she’s suppose to do. The 18 month old usually runs with, and both of them love being outside and active. They always choose being outside over the TV.

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