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Day 6: Last random act of kindness – 31 Day March Blog Challenge

This is a very difficult one for me. I don’t see myself as a particularly kind person. I don’t try to be cruel or nasty, but I also don’t go out of my way to be kind. I use to give a lift to some people at the office, but when my first born started crèche I would be late in picking her up when I first dropped of other people. That meant I had to tell them I can’t give them a lift anymore and I still feel guilty every time I see them walking.

I don’t like to give money to beggars. That comes from the time that I was doing charity work in Hillbrow (a very run down area in Johannesburg), and I witnessed firsthand what they did with the money they received. Especially the kids. It was horrible to see them passed out, drugged from sniffing glue. Some of them under 10 years old. Even when we gave out food the rule was they had to eat the food in front of you otherwise they would sell the food to get money for glue.

But I’m not totally heartless like it might sound from the paragraphs above. Recently I saw on twitter that one of the other bloggers needed maternity clothing and I still had mine so I gave that to her. I always give all the outgrown children’s clothing to charity (our clothing as well); some of them are like new. We adopted both our dogs, and whenever I see people collecting money for animal causes I can’t help to give.

I’m also registered on the bone marrow database and I’m hoping to help someone with that some day. I would urge everyone to be on that database. Something so simple could make you save someone’s life.


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