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Day 14: What’s on your iPod? – March Blog Challenge

I made a playlist of songs that I wanted to listen to while in labour with my second child (now almost 2). It was all songs that make me relax and get me carried away. I ended up listening to it a lot the week before labour, but while in labour I would start a song, and then someone would interrupt me. Now 2 years on I still have that playlist on, and we still sometimes listen to it. Some of the artists on there:

Chris Chameleon,
Snow Patrol,
30 Seconds to Mars,
James Blunt,
Damien Rice,
Joshua Radin,
Arno Carstens,
Missy Higgins,
Counting Crows,
The Killers,
Beth Orton,
Better than Ezra,
Blue October,
Jeff Buckley,
Mumford and Sons,
Rammstein and some more.


One of the artists on it, Arno Carstens, is a South African artist, and my son is indirectly named after him.

He is the lead singer of a band called Springbok Nude Girls, and he also has a solo career. I’ve been a very big fan of them since they started in 1994, and have seen them performing live many times. Also own some of their CD’s and a DVD and even a VHS tape of them. I even got a hug and a kiss from him once after a concert (still blush when I think about it). When I was pregnant with my son we struggled to find a name we both liked. We were looking for an Afrikaans name, but every time one of us found a name we liked the other person knew someone with that name and didn’t want that connotation with our son. One day I was on my way to work, and sitting at the garage when a song by Arno Carstens came on the radio. I immediately phoned my husband and asked ‘What about the name Arno?’. We both loved it. And our son was even at a Springbok Nude Girls concert….while he was in my womb. We went to a U2 concert and they were the opening band. I was 6 months pregnant, and jumping up and down like crazy.

Have a listen to one of their songs

Blue Eyes – Springbok Nude Girls


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