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Day 13: Do you have regret? – March Blog Challenge

There are some choices that I made that immediately comes to mind that I would go and do, as well as things that I wouldn’t do, but all those things would lead me to not have my kids that I have, and I would not want a life without them.

Then I thought if I could go back to just before my brother died (he got sick with what they thought were a reasonably minor illness, but died of cancer 2 months later), and wish that I could go back and talk more, but even while he was dying I was sitting next to him, and knew I would regret not saying something more important, but I just couldn’t think of something. And even if I now try and think of something to say I can’t.

I thought of quite a few regrets now, and as I typed it out I deleted all of them, because it really keeps me stuck in the past, and I want to move on from that.


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