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Day 10: My Daily Routine

I have a very boring weekday routine.

4h50 Alarm goes off, I push snooze

5h00 Realise I’m going to be late again, so get up

5h00 – 6h00 Take kid 1 to bathroom while doing make-up then take kid 2 to the bathroom while getting dressed. Get kid 2 dressed and if husband is still sleeping kid 1 as well. Do kid 1’s hair (that can take a while because she’s got long, curly hair). Realise it is past 6 and I’m suppose to leave before 6. Throw lunch in cooler and speed off.

6h00 – 7h15 Drive to work

7h15-7h30 Eat breakfast at the office

7h30-16h00 Work

16h00-17h20 Driving to creche to pick up kids, praying that the traffic is not too bad. Usually I get there 5:20, but the other day only got there past 6 because of traffic

17h20-17h40 Pick up kids and drive home

17h40-18h30 If husband is working late, make dinner and try to do the things that I do when husband is cooking. If he is before me he makes dinner, then I put a load of washing in, unpack dishwasher, pack lunch for school.

18h30 to anything from 20h30 to 21h00 Eat, watch a bit of tv, give kids a bath, make kid 2’s bottle and on good days read them a story. Relax until both are asleep

20h30/21h00 until done: Pack my and husband lunches (leftover food), prepare bottles, pack washing machine, wash dishes that can’t go into machine, wipe off stove, hang up washing, pack away previous days washing.

Somewhere from 21h30 to 22h00: Take a shower, dry hair. I try to read something before sleeping but usually fall asleep while reading.

23h00 Get up for crying kid 2 (yes, he is 21 months and still doesn’t sleep through, kid 1 slept through at 6 weeks)

00h30 Get fed up of getting up for crying kid 2, cave and give him another bottle.


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