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Day 12: Something that you miss – March Blog Challenge

The first thought that pops in my head is sleep. With an almost 2 year old that is not sleeping through, getting to bed late at night and getting up early it feels like I’m very sleep deprived. Weekends are also not better. And I use to LOVE my sleep. Could easily sleep 10 hours a night, and now I’m on 5, maybe 6 hours of sleep and it’s interrupted.

But if I think about it a bit longer I’ll say the thing I miss the most is a best friend like I use to have at school and when studying. At school I had a few close friends with one really, really good friend. We use to do everything together. We’d spend the whole day together at school, then when we got home the first thing we did is phone each other. When one of us were sick and not at school the day would just be horrible. We could talk about anything. I had a different best friend in High School that I had at Primary School, and also a new best friend when studying. After studying I was friends with the brother of the guy I was dating, and we’d often go out without my boyfriend, and we even went on holiday together. He moved to England though. If you’re reading this, enjoy the weather 😉

It would just be nice to have that one person (other than hubby) to share things with. My friends now are more like acquaintances than real friends.


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