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Mosquito Bite Allergy

A few months before A1 turned 3 she got a bite mark on her leg. At first it just looked like a normal mosquito bite, but it didn’t want to go away. I tried putting on some bug cream, but it made no difference. She had a fever as well, but I never thought it could be from the bite. At the same time I noticed on her finger something that looked like a burn. We were sure the school would’ve told us if she burned, and we also didn’t know that she burned at home. After a few days the ‘mosquito bite’ started making small blisters that eventually turned into a seeping open sore. Her finger and her leg started looking the same, and the wounds got infected. She ended up with 2 bite marks on her face as well and no matter what I tried we couldn’t prevent it from turning into big sores. At least the facial ones didn’t get infected. I searched everywhere for what it could be and thought it might be sand fleas from the sand pit as school, and even considered that she might have had a reaction to one of the creams I used to try and fix the bite. The doctor wasn’t much help, and only treated the sores.

On her 3rd birthday she still had the big red marks on her face, and it took almost a year to go away.

After posting to the online peadiatrician we discovered it was a mosquito bite allergy. Fits all the symptoms. He suggested using Allecet syrup and Phenergan cream for the bites, but I’ve found that Allergex seems to work better than the Allecet.

She is now 4 and a half and recently she got her first mosquito bite for the season, and had no reaction, so I was very happy that she outgrew the allergy, but then she got a second bite a few days later, and she was back on her original reaction. She just had a slightly larger than normal bump for a few days, and then got a blister, and now it is a sore. I’m still looking for a cream that will help. For now I’m mostly just trying to prevent any other bites.

Here is a badly taken cellphone pic of the orginal bites on her finger and leg.


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