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Day 15: 10 Things that make you Awesome – March Blog Challenge

This was the first day that I considered not doing one of the items in the challenge. But let me start something even if I don’t make 10 items

1. I think I’m awesome because I made the two most awesome little beings

2. I can make those two beings laugh and feel loved.

3. I can figure things out – when other people get stuck on something I can usually figure it out.

4. I can get excited about the small things in life

5. I’m very open minded

6. I can remember the most mundane facts (I’m terrible at remembering anything important, but that’s beside the point)

7. I managed to quit smoking, and not crave it at all

8. I can make the best lasagne ever (To my taste anyway)

9. I’m very curious and have a wide range of interests

10. And this is where I’m stuck….just can’t get a 10th item.


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