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Two months ago I blogged about my Mirena that the gynae couldn’t find (here’s the full post). Quick recap was the gynae did an ultrasound,¬†couldn’t find it, and when I asked if I could go for x-rays he said I’m welcome to go on my own, but he won’t refer me.

I immediately looked for another gynae, and the one I found had a 2 month waiting list, and yesterday was the big day. At first I was 100% convinced that it was still in me, but as time went by these past 2 months I started doubting myself, and even considered cancelling the appointment. Luckily I didn’t.

From the start of the appointment I found her easier to talk to, so that was a good sign. When I gave her the background and said how much it hurt going in she said it must’ve embedded in the uterine wall. When he inserted it he did an ultrasound and assured me everything was fine, and when I phoned his offices saying I think something is wrong the receptionist said everything is okay and I don’t need to come for a check-up, and only when I eventually made an appointment a few months later did he see that it was embedded.

She said that it was very possible that it could’ve migrated to another part of my body, and that it was very important to get the x-rays because it could be dangerous, and even life threatening. She also warned me it is possible that it could’ve fallen out, and that the side effects I was feeling was ‘in my head’. I went from her offices straight to x-rays (luckily her office is at the hospital). Interesting was a sign that was up at the x-ray department saying that you have to be referred by a doctor, so I would not have been able to go on my own. While the x-ray was done the radiographer asked me if we’re looking for the Mirena, because she sees it in there. I almost burst into tears when hearing that.

Now I’m just waiting to hear from the gynae when we can remove it laparoscopically. So glad that it is almost over.

Edit: Something I found out recently. In America they’re advising that women should not get the Mirena inserted 6 weeks after surgery, and also not if breastfeeding. It increases the chances of migration (getting lost in your body). And they’ve said that from 2008, so it’s not recent advice. Mine was inserted exactly at 6 weeks, and I was breastfeeding. Also, if it has migrated it increases the amount of hormones in your body, and I was breastfeeding for 14 months. Now I’m very worried that I might’ve caused damage to my little boy.

Here is a bad quality cellphone pic of the x-ray.

MirenaFound (Small)



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