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Mirena: And the Saga continues


So my Mirena woes continue. If you’ve missed it before I blogged about all the side effects I’ve been having here. Husband went for a vasectomy and got the all clear that I could get the Mirena removed. I was very nervous for my appointment, seeing that the Mirena was embedded in my uterine wall the last time it was checked, but also very happy to finally be rid of the thing.

At the appointment the dr starts checking and first says he can’t find the strings. That’s not exactly news to me, as he couldn’t find the strings the previous time. So he is poking around while I’m trying not to freak out. He then tries an ultrasound…nothing, can’t find it. He then tried an internal ultrasound, still nothing. He did find a big cyst though. He said he thinks that the Mirena fell out at some stage without me noticing and that the cyst is causing my constant periods, and he gave me meds to stop the bleeding.

I can remember reading that the Mirena can move to different parts of the body, but didn’t want to sound stupid mentioning it. The moment I left the office I was Googling missing Mirena. Turns out in 1 in a 1000 women it goes through the uterine wall and gets stuck in other organs. From what I’ve seen on the internet it looks like it can be quite dangerous and that you can get more of the hormones that you would normally get. The other people on the internet were all referred for x-rays to find the missing device.

I phoned the gyneas offices, and the receptionist went to ask him if I can go for x-rays. She came back with a message that he says it wouldn’t be in another part of my body, but I’m welcome to go to x-rays out of my own (which would mean medical aid won’t pay). She actually laughed at me.

I made an appointment at another gynae at a different hospital, but will have to wait for more than 2 months to get in there. On the one hand I can be totally paranoid and that all my symptoms could be from the Mirena crash, but the Mirena in another part of my body will explain the bleeding, tiredness, constant headaches etc.

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