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Things that make me happy

I saw a blog post today about Things making me happy at Harassed Mom, and thought it might do me good to think of some happy thoughts.

1. Andrea’s singing – she basically sings the whole time, and makes up songs about everything she sees. She tried singing the Do-Re-Mi song from Sound of Music but was singing “Do..a fear…a demale fear” and then later “Me…a You…a Me and You”.

2. Arno’s runnig – he’s just running everywhere at the moment. He’ll run into the room, look at you and then run into the next room and so forth. And he looks so cute while doing that. He is also finally starting to put words together, so it’s some progress in his talking.

3. Knitting – I’m not a knitter. Not even in the slightest bit. I have some knitting needles that I got from my Mom, and a bit of wool because a few years ago I thought I’ll start knitting which I never did. Then Andrea asked me something about knitting, and I showed her how you do it. She then asked me to knit a scarf for her baby doll. I’m suppose to be reading a book for work, but was really struggling, because I keep on falling asleep, so now I’m knitting doll scarves while I’m reading and I’m actually enjoying it.

4. Almost finished the 4DX book – I love reading…fiction. I’ll also read biographies, but I don’t enjoy reading business books. Now I have to read The 4 Disciplines of Execution for work. The last month Arno’s sleeping has been extra bad, so in my 6 hours of sleeping I get I’ve been getting up every hour for him. Trying to read in that time just means me falling asleep with a book in my hand. What makes me happy is that I’m almost done with the book.

5. Milk tart – For the first time in my life I made a milk tart. I love milk tart, but was always scared of making it as I’ve heard it can easily go wrong. But it came out perfectly. Brought some to the office and one of the guys asked how much I’ll charge for it, because it tasted exactly like his Grandmother use to make.


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